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Owning an investment property can be stressful. There are many issues a landlord must face, from finding a tenant, screening an applicant, collecting the rent, making repairs, evicting a non-paying tenant and the list goes on. Landlords and investors turn to property managers to alleviate the stress and manage all of these issues. Unfortunately, those that are offering New Tampa property management services are not always focused or capable of handling the items that matter most.

Hiring a property manager is a long term commitment, usually for one year or longer. It is critical to evaluate the value proposition of the property manager, as not all property managers are alike. Many are providing inferior service while still charging similar prices. Some are signing up customers across a larger market area then they can realistically handle. There are even a significant number of Realtors® looking for work that are turning to property management without the proper training figuring that "anyone can do it" and it is enough to post the listing on the MLS and use the standard Florida Association of Realtors® lease.

While each investor / landlord is different, most are very concerned with finding a tenant for a vacant property as a first priority. Therefore, the property manager that has the ability to find tenants fast or have access to the most tenant prospects will certainly have an advantage.

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Not all property managers are alike. Before turning to "a friend" offering you tenant placement or property management services for a lower price, consider the potential lost rent while a property sits vacant. If a property rents in 30 days with property manager #1, but takes 90 days for property manager #2, a landlord does not save money with property manager #2 who charged half a months rent instead of using property manager #1 who charged a full months rent. While there is a half-month savings in property management expense, the rent income is reduced by two full months. So, property manager #1, by providing tenants faster, is certainly more valuable and worth the extra expense.

Times Have Changed for Landlords and Property Managers

The years of running a newspaper ad to find a tenant are in the past for many areas, as most tenant prospects are not looking at nondescript 6 line ads in a Sunday newspaper and are instead looking online where they can find 10 or more photos for each property. It is getting these tenant prospects to look at your property online that is the trick, because even though there are literally hundreds of sites online that will let you post a rental, not all will be found or used by enough tenant prospects to ensure a tenant is found in a timely manner.

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Property Management Service Improvement Using Technology

Some property managers are still mailing checks every month. This process takes time depending on the distance the check must travel in the mail, is subject to lost or delayed shipments and requires a visit to the bank from the rental owner each month. Electronic funds transfers are a safer, faster and more convenient way to send money. This also applies to rent collection as well.

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