Cross Creek

Why Rent in Cross Creek?

Cross Creek rentals are generally more affordable then other homes of similar size in New Tampa. This community is an excellent choice for those that do not need the benefits of community amenities or are looking to minimize rent expense.

Type of Homes in Cross Creek

  • Houses

Common Home Sizes in Cross Creek

  • Bedrooms: 3-5
  • Bathrooms: 2-4+
  • Square Footage: 1250-3000

Is Cross Creek Gated?

There are several different communities within Cross Creek. Some have electronic gates.

Cross Creek Amenities

  • Neighborhood Parks

Utility Companies servicing Cross Creek

Public Schools for Cross Creek

Neighborhoods Within Cross Creek

Andover Place, Covington Estates, Creekwood, Kingshyre, Magnolia Trace, Meadowcreek, Misty Creek, Pinehurst

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