Cory Lake Isles

Why Rent in Cory Lake Isles?

Cory Lake Isles has many large new homes available for rent that are perfect for those seeking a high quality home or a boating community lifestyle. This exclusive community did have some properties purchased by investors so it is possible to rent in this community. Finding a rental in Cory Lake Isle will be more difficult in years to come, but there are usually plenty of available properties to choose from. Cory Lake Isles also has a convenient access gate on Morris Bridge Road, which improves commute time for those heading south on I-75.

Type of Homes in Cory Lake Isles

  • Houses
  • Townhouses

Common Home Sizes in Cory Lake Isles

  • Bedrooms: 3-6
  • Bathrooms: 2-4+
  • Square Footage: 1700-4000+

Is Cory Lake Isles Gated?

Yes - 2 gates with security guards 24/7

Cory Lake Isles Amenities

  • Beach Club w/ White Sand Beach
  • 24 hour workout facility
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Rollerhockey rink
  • Ten miles of lake shoreline
  • Hand laid brick pavers throughout community
  • Canoes
  • 2 Gated Entries Staffed 24 Hours per Day

Utility Companies servicing Cory Lake Isle

Public Schools for Cory Lake Isles

Neighborhoods Within Cory Lake Isles

Bahama Isle, Bermuda Isle, Bimini Isle, Cachet Isle, Canary Isle, Cory Isle, Martinique Isle, St Croix Isle, St Lucia Isle

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